Keeping medical records private and easily available in an emergency with immediate parental notification when information is accessed.

Secure Student Records was created by parents who were tired of the paper system that relied on students as a delivery service and conduit for messages. We make it possible to upload consent forms, medical forms, field trips, staff forms, payments, incident reporting, and any other required documents.

Our mission is to provide a secure platform for parents and schools to easily store and share critical information, and allow parents to control when and who accesses their children’s private information.

Why Secure Student Records?

  • To comply with federal data and accountability laws.
  • To safely match and integrate data.
  • Because parents should be in control of their child’s information.

Student privacy has never faced greater challenges. School districts are lagging in using digital tools to communicate with parents and in securing student records.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia have student data privacy laws. Read about recent student data issues in the news.

Federal Data Privacy Laws