How We Work With Sports teams
We eliminate the need for League and Team Managers to store sensitive, private player data by letting parents take responsibility for the curation of their private information. Our App makes it easy for parents to upload the information your League or Team requires into secure cloud storage. Managers, coaches and other authorized parties will also have access to the app so they can access the information when necessary or in an emergency.

How the app works

  • Leagues and Teams are required to collect hundreds of bits of player data (including medical data), permission slips, parental contact details and other information, but the formatting of that material is wildly inconsistent, and some are paper only.
  • We make it easier for teams and parents to communicate, by providing an app that may be accessed by a laptop or smart phone by authorized users. In an emergency, coaches or officials may provide that information to first responders via their own mobile device.

How we work with sports teams

  • We meet with your League admin or team coaches and input rosters of staff and players, into the cloud. We go over permissions to make sure you know who has access to various types of data.
  • All standardized sports forms are uploaded and available for coaches and parents to access.
  • League staff is trained in how to download and use the app in an emergency.
  • In order to help gather player data on a timely basis from parents, league staff is trained to set up delivery of automatic reminders for standardized information and how to monitor responses.

Quick Facts

Cost Savings:

  • K-12 schools spend an average of $50,000 annually on paper and ink costs for printing and copying, as estimated by IT firm NWN (, 30th October 2018)
  • Approximately 10 percent of a school's annual budget is spent on printing, and the average school spends about $3,000-$4,000 on paper, ink and toner each month. (Cartridge World, 2018)
  • Ounce for ounce, printer ink is twice as expensive as Chanel No.5


  • Paper and postage costs school money
  • Processing forms means extra person-hours and expense
  • Storing and maintaining student records costs time and money
  • Children are unreliable delivery mechanisms
  • Parents increasingly expect to run their lives online
  • Efficient and timely communication with parents creates engaged parents which is good for the school, teachers and students


  • Forms include sensitive information that must be securely stored
  • The current system provides no record of when and who accesses a student’s data
  • Copies of forms, such as permission slips, pass through a number of hands
  • Data must be disposed of in a secure manner when the time comes

Peace Of Mind

  • Identity theft is an increasing problem and concern to parents
  • First Responders and Emergency Services need up to date and easily accessible data
  • Parents want to know their child is safe
  • Parents want to know their data is safe
  • Parents increasingly expect control and transparency

A Frictionless Online Solution

  • Data is uploaded by parents through a secure online and app-based platforms
  • Secure Student Records is built in a safe cloud environment for security and peace of mind
  • Automated reminders tell parents when and what to submit the data you and your staff require
  • Automatic notifications allow staff and parents to know who accessed a child’s data and whe